Sudden success

Sudden success


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I don't regularly check how many readers I have and I was baffled by the sudden increase in popularity. This is a thank you post to all my readers.

The reason I started this blog is a way to retain my own knowledge. If I learn something or do something interesting at work or in a pet project, I write about it so I remember it better. Sometimes I use this blog as a vent for my frustration (and I do try to keep these to a minimum).

So when I checked Cloudflare this weekend and saw the following graph, I didn't know what happened.


This graph shows how many visitors I have each day for the past month. The first point to the left is 0 visitors, the second point is 3 visitors and the third is 94 visitors. It just keeps going up from that point on, with the absolute max of 259 visitors in the spike to the right.

I have no idea where you all came from. Well, geographically speaking I do, again thanks to Cloudflare. What I mean is that I have no idea how you all found my blog seemingly at the same time. If you want to let me know, you can tweet how you found out to @bonny_ken.

What I really wanted to say is thank you for reading, have a nice week because you just made mine and I hope to see you here again.