I finally succumbed to the hype


1 min read

My very first post on my very first blog. I'm kind of exited to share my views with the world and equally terrified that it'll be complete gibberish. But only time will tell.

At the same time as this blog, I will be starting a side project (in my already busy life) to build a website to enter my fuel usage. But I want to experiment with a few things such as cloud (Azure and storage tables in specific), claim based auth, building an authenticated api, decoupled front end and back end, a javascript front-end framework (not sure which one yet) and maybe some things that will pop up while I build this site.

This blog will serve as a sort of journal where I describe how I set it up and how I build it. So you can expect my blog to be about this web site which I'll start building one of these weeks. Yes, I said weeks. I told you my life is busy.