Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2


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Past weekend I was going to be productive, I was going to write a blog post, I was going to learn some new technology or pattern. Then my wife, my life and Divinity: Original Sin 2 got in the way.

From what I've played in the opening hours, this game is going to occupy quite a portion of my free time. I'm playing together with my wife, who really likes the game as well. We are both big fans of the original Divinity: Original Sin and this sequel only improves on existing gameplay elements and adds a whole new depth with new techniques such as speaking to ghosts or letting me play as an undead.

The preset characters are very deeply worked out, believable and very hard to choose which one I want to play. What surprised me is that even if you pick a preset character, you can still change his skills and traits except his background. Which allows me to play Fane (undead caster) as an inquisitor (melee and necromancer combo). So even in the presets, you have some flexibility in how you want to play. Very impressive Larian Studios.

Don't worry if you can't find your kind of character from the presets, because you can still craft your own unique character. The downside is that you don't get certain story elements that are unique to preset characters. Each preset has his or her own backstory that will unfold throughout the game, so you'd be missing out on that.

Another cool element that surprised me is how many dialog options are tailored to your race, background and preset character. I expected it to appear very sporadically, but there are special dialog options with side-quest and random characters as well. It's so hard to choose the option I want to go with because mostly I want to choose 3 different options. The replay value of this game is through the roof and there hasn't even been enough time to develop mods for this game.

So, sorry that I'm not blogging about technology or software architecture, but I'm just losing myself in the story of Divinity: Original Sin 2. I'll give one little spoiler: it's awesome.