Configure Ubiquiti to use as DNS server

Configure Ubiquiti to use as DNS server


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Recently, Cloudflare launched the privacy conscious (and very fast) DNS service I want to use it to resolve all my DNS needs. Setting this up via my Ubiquiti network was super easy.

All I had to do was go to my CloudKey controller that's registered in Unifi cloud portal. Once logged in, I went to Settings (icon in the lower left part of the screen), navigate to the Networks tab. Select the LAN to upgrade to the DNS service. There is a setting named DHCP Name Server that is set to Auto. Set it to Manual and enter the two DNS server addresses: and




All that stands between me and the awesome DNS service is a simple reboot of all network devices. Enjoy the new DNS service, although in practice you won't notice all that much. Except improved privacy of course.

Update: Not all traffic is safe yet, because at this moment Unifi products don't use DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). There is a feature request going to get the Unifi Security Gateway to communicate with DNS servers over DoH if it's supported by the DNS Resolver. does support DoH, but Unifi lacks support at this moment. If you want to use DoH, the "easiest" way is to host your own DNS Server and configure that to talk to over DoH. You can find a guide on Scott Helme's blog.