Cloudbrew 2017

Cloudbrew 2017


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The past weekend, I went to the Cloudbrew conference. It's one day of Azure stories from speakers across Europe. I'm sorry, but I'm going to advertise this event because I think they deserve it.

After a nice breakfast and a warm welcome from the organisers, Rik Hepworth kicked the conference off with an amusing talk about ARM templates and their best practices. It's never been easier to automate the build pipeline for both test and production environments.

Glenn Colpaert followed with an overview of the improved IoT hub and how to provision new devices securely.

Alex Mang put so much content in his talk about Docker containers in Azure that it was hard to keep up. So many content in such a short time is quite impressive and although he talks lightning fast (seriously ease up on the coffee ;) ), he's always very articulate so I could understand everything he said.

The most uninteresting talk of the day came from Steef-Jan Wiggers who, in my opinion, held an hour long marketing pitch for CosmosDB. I think it's expensive for what it currently offers and many developers could architect something with just as much performance without needing CosmosDB.

I haven't blogged about it much yet since I haven't gotten in touch with the GDPR legislation yet, but I'm a big proponent of this law that takes effect on the 26th of May 2018. That's why I think Gert Gabriëls gave a very good and comprehensible overview of the responsibilities of IT and business people alike. If you weren't aware of these laws yet, start paying attention, the fines are huge.

Unfortunately, by this time most of my attention was spent and I missed most of Karl Ots presentation of "unit testing" your security in Azure. What I saw was quite interesting, but my mind kept wandering.

With a lot of new knowledge (and a delicious lunch) to digest, I went home. The can expect me back there next year.

Just for the record, I'm not being sponsored by Cloudbrew. I paid my ticket, had a great time and thought they did an outstanding job organising this mini-conference.