A less consistent update schedule

A less consistent update schedule


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For the past 2 years, I've been blogging quite regularly about different subjects, but the past 3 weeks, I haven't found any inspiration nor time to get something on... digital paper.

Since I've begun blogging, I've kind of known this was coming. I've been dreading it quite a bit too. My inspiration is running a bit dry, I find it harder to sit behind my keyboard and write about technical subjects or any subject for that matter. I find that this paragraph is costing me more effort than some other blog posts.

It's not just my motivation to keep writing, it's also other aspects of my life that have become more busy. Work has become more busy, I'm spending more time with family and friends and I'm putting more effort into sport as well. All these activities are leaving me with less time to write blog posts.

With less time, I want to make sure that the quality of my blog posts, which I find very important, doesn't diminish. Giving each article the time it deserves so it communicates what I want to convey is getting harder. That is why I'm moving from a weekly schedule to a more ad hoc schedule.

Let me be very clear, I'm not going to stop blogging. There's just not going to be a blog post every week. So keep checking in, follow me on Twitter, keep an eye on the RSS feed and I'll see you around.