Contact Me


So you want to get in touch with me. This can be a bit tricky as I have a very busy life. I can’t promise I reply to every message I get, but I’ll try to anyway. Oh who am I kidding, I’m not that popular yet.

That does not mean there are different ways to get in touch and some will get you a faster response than others.


The best way to get in touch is to send me an email at [email protected]. This is my preferred way to get in touch, but email is per definition not urgent. So I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I find some time.


If you want to get in touch faster and aren’t afraid to be concise, tweet. I check Twitter pretty regularly and will get back with a reply that is just as short as your question.


Recently, I got a Facebook account. I do not have Messenger app. I’m not very active here. If you send me a message through Facebook, it can take a while for me to see it as I check it very irregularly.


If you want to send me a Telegram, you can look me up by my username @KenBonny. Do be warned that this is a direct line to my phone and that spam will not be appreciated. A warned person is worth two.


If you are from HR/sales/consultancy/recruitment (strike what does not fit) and you want to send me even more spam through LinkedIn, then you can connect with me. If you are genuinely interested in me, you can check out my work history there too.

If you want to know more about my company, visit the site of More Than Code.


All the code I produce can be found on my GitHub profile. If a repository looks unfinished, it probably is. I tend to start projects to test something and then I lose interest. Not sure what else I can tell you about my GitHub profile.


If, for whatever reason, the message you send me should be for my eyes only, you can use my public key over at my Keybase profile. Please mention that you used my Keybase public key to encrypt a message as I do not get a lot of these and can be bewildered by the strange tokens. Also, I very rarely check that account. So messages sent through Keybase can go unanswered for months.