About Me

Hello, I’m Ken Bonny, a software craftsman specialising in Microsoft technology. I’m a Microsoft Certified Programmer (or Professional, I always forget the meaning of the P in MCP). My main interests are cloud computing, security, both in technology and in my personal life, sport, (Marvel) movies and gaming.

I combine sport and personal security by practising Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defence sport. My favourite game used to be the original Neverwinter Nights, but has recently been replaced by the awesome Witcher trilogy. The best Marvel film is either the first Iron Man, Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not entirely sure, so I’ll better watch them again until I’m certain.

In 2015, I married the most awesome woman in the world: Kelly Alix.

I blog mainly about technology, sometimes about my life or whatever I find interesting. I’ll try to keep the rants to a minimum, can’t promise anything though.


Two bachelor degrees in Applied Informatics and Business Management couldn’t get me a permanent job, so I tried my luck in university. Halfway through the first year, I got contacted by a company that hired me.

My first employer Logica, now CGI, hired me as a .NET consultant. After a year, they asked me if I wanted to try something new called OutSystems. I worked in that technology just shy of a year and found out it wasn’t my thing. Then, RealDolmen offered me an opportunity as a .NET programmer. In the middle of 2016, a recruiter got me in touch with Dematic Egemin, who make fully autonomous warehouses.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out between me and Egemin, but we parted on friendly terms. I’m currently my own boss as I’m a freelance consultant at More Than Code.


Disclaimer: nothing I say should be taken too seriously. 🙂