Bonus unit testing part 8: Testing async code

This series of posts accompanies a talk I give about unit testing with the xUnit test framework. Any reader who saw my talk can use this as a reference, others can use this as a starting point to write even better maintainable and reliable code. In my talk, I highlight patterns that work well with easily testable code and combine it all into a working application. All code from these articles can be found in a repository on my GitHub account.

After all the synchronous code I wrote, I wondered how xUnit handles asynchronous code. It is (unsurprisingly) very easy.

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Backing up your files with File History

A week or two ago, I read a blog post from Scott Helme about Easy, cheap and secure backup with Google Cloud Platform. I agree wholehartedly with Scott about the importance of backing up your stuff, as I only recently (the past year) started backing up my stuff. I have fortunatly never experienced data loss, I’ve never had a HDD fail on me and I’ve never had my house burn down or flood. So instead of going full out, off-site, redundant backups like Scott describes, I’ll be talking about the local backup setup I have. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

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